In the Company of Others

“There’s something by Thomas à Kempis: ‘Everywhere I have sought rest and not found it, except sitting in a corner by myself with a book.'”

“From my experience in America & in my own Country, tis clear that Alcohol has wrought more misery than can be reckoned—it is as merciless as any plague in the taking of both lives & souls.”

“He took a sip of tea, and realized he was trembling. ‘To put a fine point to it, Anna—I stopped praying for God to change Dooley; I asked God to change me—to give me his eyes to see into the spirit of this exceptional broken boy…'”

“‘…Whenever she lashes out, whenever she draws away, pray and forgive, forgive and pray.’”

“Only a while ago, he’d wanted the comforts of home. Yet now he felt keenly the kind and solemn spirit of this room, and knew again that he was supposed to be here, that the easy familiarity of Fig Newtons could, if only for a time, be sacrificed.”

Karon, Jan. In the Company of Others (Father Tim Novels Book 2) . Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

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