31 Days from the Books

In past years, I have participated in 31 days of blogging during the month of October.  There is no official sign up or group to join that I am aware of, but I keep thinking I would like to do that this year with a theme of favorite quotes from books I have read. My love of reading has been rekindled in the last few years.  Books are my friends.  I hope they are your friends too.

I will be posting favorite quotes from recent reads as well as some of my favorites from years gone by.  I will also be sharing some of my favorite seasonal photos from Japan and the USA.  I hope this will be refreshing for you.  Maybe it will kindle or rekindle your love for reading as well.

I will be updating this page as the month goes on with links to each day’s post.  I have put a link to this post and my other 31 days of blogging posts in the sidebar. I hope you will follow along.  Feel free to share some of your favorite books or quotes in the comments.  I would love to hear from you during this time!

“We read to know that we are not alone.”  ~C.S.Lewis

Day 1:  A Wedding Dress of Fine Linen

Day 2:  Books

Day 3: Renewing Your Mind

Day 4:  Between the Scissors’ Knives

Day 5:  Humility

Day 6:  My Shepherd

Day 7:  Responding to the Father’s Nod

Day 8:  The Voice of the Shepherd

Day 9:  Pride and Prejudice

Day 10:  Abide

Day 11:  Spiritual Disciplines

Day 12:  Refresh

Day 13:  Praying for Your Adult Children

Day 14:  His Word in My Heart

Day 15:  Biblical Meditation

Day 16:  The Prayer  Box

Day 17: Lies  Women Believe

Day 18: God Loves You

Day 19: Profiting from Adversity

Day 20: An Anxious Heart

Day 21: Like Steel to a Magnet

Day 22: A Woman’s Right to Rest

Day 23: Stand in Faith

Day 24: Splitting the Sea

Day 25: God is More Than Enough

Day 26: Women of the Word

Day 27: Loving God with All Your Mind

Day 28: Pursuing God

Day 29: Changed Into His Image

Day 30: In the Company of Others

Day 31: Set Apart

Conclusion: Thank you!

*Photo is of the back side of Nagoya castle.

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