Resources for Missionary Women

This page will include resources that have been a help to me personally as a missionary woman.  There are times when we have needs and often don’t know where to turn.  Some things are too personal to discuss with someone.  It is my prayer that the items posted on this page will be as much of a blessing to you as they have been to me.

On My Site:

Adjusting to Life on the Mission Field

Culture Shock and the Fruits of the Spirit

From the Web:  (A link here is not an endorsement of everything you may find on the website.  Read with discernment.  Thank you!)

Hope for Pastors’ Wives-This website if for pastor’s wives and women in ministry.  The blog posts are written by a missionary pastor’s wife. There is a wealth of information and lots of encouragement there.

What Missionaries Need to Know about Burnout -Wondering if you are burning out?  Wondering what causes it?  How to prevent it? This article answers these questions and more.

Amy Carmichael’s Secret to Fighting Discouragement-“I’ve often wondered how Amy could maintain such supernatural joy in the face of ‘griefs which can come down like an avalanche over the soul.’ Reading her writings has taught me that there were four main things that bolstered her spirit and her faith—saturation in Scripture, delight in the presence of God, the support of a Christian community, and the glorious beauty of the natural world.”

Two Missionaries Walked Up To a Coffee Bar…-It is my prayer that I will never play the role of the better missionary in someone’s life.

When You Start to Pick Your Nose in Public…~This made me laugh. It’s a great post about how to know when you are overdue for a break.

I am a triangle and other thoughts on repatriation~This is a great explanation of what it is like to try to fit back in your own culture after having lived in another.  I know nothing about the author nor have I read her other writings.  Please do not accept this link as an endorsement of everything you might find on her site.

31 Days of Fishbowl Grace: Practical Tips for Women in Ministry~”This series is geared towards pastors’ wives, missionary wives, single women in ministry, and women who are ministry leaders in general. Some of the topics will be serious, and some will be humorous. Each day’s post will contain a key word, a catch phrase and a few paragraphs that will hopefully encourage you in your ministry.”

Potential Pitfalls of Ministry~This is a 3-part radio broadcast from Revive Our Hearts.  “Being in ministry has many joys and blessings, but it also makes us vulnerable to unique pressures and difficulties. Nancy identifies pitfalls that can cause the Lord’s servants to falter or even to be sidelined. She also provides practical, biblical insight on how to stay faithful all the way to the finish line.”

Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker and the Explosion-“It doesn’t matter what shape, size, color, or flavor the trial comes in, we should count it all joy because we KNOW God is working in us.”


In the Arena by Isobel Kuhn.  Isobel is quite candid about her struggles and what she learned through them.

How I Know God Answers Prayer by Rosalind Goforth.  An encouraging book about the God Who answers prayer, even prayers about the “small” stuff.

Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow.  I read this book because of the title, but there is so much more here.  She deals with anxiety and contentment.  I also appreciated the fact that she was a missionary and almost all of her illustrations are from a missionary perspective.  This will be a reread for sure.

31 Days of Missionary Stories~Barbara did a 31 Days series on missionary stories, books and biographies.  There are lots of great book reviews.  I found a couple I’d like to read.

On My Site:

Adjusting to Life on the Mission Field

Culture Shock and the Fruits of the Spirit





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