No time to memorize???

So you think that you don’t have time to hide God’s Word in your heart?  I used to think this too.  It is true that I don’t have time to sit down and spend 15-45 min. straight to work on this important area of my life…but I do have little minutes and I know that you do too!  What do you do when you are showering, fixing your hair and makeup?  What about when you are in the kitchen?  What are you thinking about when you are vacuuming?  Sorting laundry?  Cleaning out the garage?

It used to be that when I was showering, I was working up a good stew over all I had to do that day.  Now I review passages that I have already memorized.   When I exit the shower, I am refreshed in body and soul.  When I am doing my hair and putting on makeup, I prop up my 3 x 5 cards and work on the verses that I am in the process of memorizing.  When I need to put up my feet for a few minutes, I work on a new verse.  I prop the cards on a window sill when I am in the kitchen and run a few verses through my mind.  I take my cards with me when I have an appointment that I will probably sit in a waiting room for.  This helps me to be patient when I would otherwise be not so patient.

I cannot begin to describe the difference that these simple acts have had in my life.  It is true that when our minds are on God, we have peace.  I thought I would share one example of this from my past.  During one year of deputation, I worked full-time at a Christian school and my kids attended a different Christian school.  We had to leave the house at 7:00 a.m. in order for me to be able to drop the kids off at their school and be on time for my job.  This made for some stressful mornings, especially when my husband was out of town.  One morning was particularly stressful.  By the time we were all in the car, my daughter and I were in tears, son #1 was in a stew and son #2 was feeling frantic.  To say that I was fried was an understatement.  As I backed out of the driveway, my heart was crying out to the Lord for help.  The kids and I had been memorizing a large chunk of Proverbs 3.  I decided that we needed to use that morning commute to review those verses.  We spent the 15 minute drive reciting the verses together.  By the time we arrived at their school, calm was restored and everyone had a smile on their face.  God’s Word had brought peace to each of our hearts and we proceeded on with our day.

Only God and His Word can give us the stability and peace that we crave.  Won’t you join me in using the little minutes that we usually waste to hide God’s Word in your heart?

2 thoughts on “No time to memorize???

  1. I saw this in your sidebar and came over for a look. I’ve just been trying to memorize again after not doing so for decades. I have verses printed out on a card in front of the computer and look at them off and on but need to be more proactive. So often I reach for a book or turn music on when I could spend a few minutes memorizing.

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