Changed Into His Image

“This change from the self-centered ways of our sinful heart to the self-sacrificing ways of our Lord will require divine assistance…the Holy Spirit is the divine power behind everything the believer does that will count for God…He is the divine Leader  calling attention through His convicting voice to the times when we are intent upon going our own way. He leads us into an understanding of the Scriptures and leads us into ‘paths of righteousness’ that will reflect Christ’s life in us. Those who experience this kind of leadership–away from sin and toward Christ’s likeness–‘are the sons of God.'”

“Any attempt to produce love, joy, peace, endurance, and so forth apart from the Spirit of God is reliance upon strategies that are in competition with God.”

Berg, Jim. Changed Into His Image, (pg. 6-8, 15) Bob Jones University Press: Greenville, SC, 1999.

*This photo was taken in southwestern Pennsylvania in the fall.

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