31 Days from the Books

In past years, I have participated in 31 days of blogging during the month of October.  There is no official sign up or group to join that I am aware of, but I keep thinking I would like to do that this year with a theme of favorite quotes from books I have read. My love of reading has been rekindled in the last few years.  Books are my friends.  I hope they are your friends too.

I will be posting favorite quotes from recent reads as well as some of my favorites from years gone by.  I will also be sharing some of my favorite seasonal photos from Japan and the USA.  I hope this will be refreshing for you.  Maybe it will kindle or rekindle your love for reading as well.

I will be updating this page as the month goes on with links to each day’s post.  I have put a link to this post and my other 31 days of blogging posts in the sidebar. I hope you will follow along.  Feel free to share some of your favorite books or quotes in the comments.  I would love to hear from you during this time!

“We read to know that we are not alone.”  ~C.S.Lewis

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*photo is of the back side of Nagoya castle

Looking for a Scripture Memory Project?

Do Not Depart is starting a new project Monday, September 6th. They will be memorizing Matthew 7:1-14.  You can sign up here. They also have resources available to help you and a facebook group for encouragement.  In the past, the group has memorized Matthew 5 and 6.  This will conclude The Sermon on the Mount.  I have participated in the Matthew 5 and 6 project, but I have decided to sit this one out.  I may come back to it at a later date. Our church here in Japan has been memorizing Revelation 21 and 22 this year.  It has been such a blessing to me personally. I did well and kept up with everyone on chapter 21, but I a struggling with chapter 22. I want to finish it!!  I don’t feel like I can add another project to the mix right now.  I will continue to participate in the facebook group for encouragement.

I am also working on being more consistent with review.  I am currently reviewing Romans 8.  While setting  up a review system and beginning to work it was time-consuming, I find that I am getting a rhythm going.  It is not taking as much time now and I can do it while doing other things such as getting ready in the morning or cooking a meal.

Let me know if you decide to sign up for this project or another project that you are working on.  Let’s encourage one another!!

Taut Nerves

I think ‘taut nerves’ is a good description of where most of us are at in this world right now.  Some are stuck on their field of service. Some are stuck in their home country and can’t return to their field of service.  Some of us are dealing with cultural issues in a way we haven’t had to before.  We are tired of being cooped up and wearing masks and spending time alone and the seemingly never ending bad news…As I was thinking on this, this quote came to my mind.

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Worth the Read

In today’s post, I thought I would share some articles that I have read around the web.  I also wanted to let you know that I have recently updated my book list for 2020.  There have been a couple of books that I read recently that I would like to recommend to you.

The first is Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy:  Discovering the Grace of Lament by  Mark Vroegop.  I have been reading some of the psalms of lament.  This book along with the author’s personal testimony of lament was a great help to me.

The other book I would like to recommend is Walking from East to West: God in the Shadows by Ravi Zacharias.  This man’s testimony of God’s amazing saving grace touched a chord deep in my soul.  It reminded me that God is at work and that He can save anyone!  We may not understand what God is doing in someone’s life, but we can be assured that He is not willing that any should perish!

Don’t Give Up Praying  for Your Children

“So, let us not give up praying for our children. This ministry of intercession is a lifelong calling. We must not assume too much when it comes to human beings. If our children are living and doing well spiritually, they are not out of the woods. If they are living and not doing well spiritually, their story is not over. Therefore, let us ‘always . . . pray and not lose heart’ (Luke 18:1).”

4 Incredible Reasons to Pray for Our Grandchildren Daily

“Several years ago, I found a precious letter in my family’s archives. My great-grandfather in Poland wrote to my grandfather, who had immigrated to America. One line in the letter struck me with both comfort and conviction: ‘I faithfully pray for you, for your children, and for your future generations.’

I am one of those grandchildren…”

How 2020 Is Taking a Toll on Your Soul

“Could it be that God didn’t wire us to carry every event, taking place in every part of the world, at every moment, as if it were ours? Could it be that technology has produced a faux omniscience and omnipresence that is hurting mankind and not helping it?”

Until the next time…



Collections and Spreads

It’s been a while since I shared anything about my bullet journal.  I still use it daily.  I would be lost without it. I’ve had trouble uploading photos to my blog recently, but I’ve been doing some housekeeping and working on some other things so hopefully I will be able to upload some photos of a decent quality.

I like to stick with a theme for each new month.  Spring and cherry blossom season is my favorite time of year.  These pages are for note-taking.  I will write anything from prayer requests to sermon notes on these pages.  I have a separate journal that I use for my quiet time.

For my weekly spread, I have a space for each day of the week so that I can record appointments.  Sometimes I separate them with some type of line and sometimes I don’t.  It depends on what mood I am in and how much time I have.  I create my new weekly spreads a month at a time near the end of the month we are currently on.  I usually have a two page weekly spread, but recently I decided to try one page and that seems to be working out ok.  That is the beauty of a bullet journal.  You can always adjust to what your needs are.

My favorite collection is Snippets.  On this page, I record quotes that speak to me.  It might be something  I hear someone say, a Bible verse, or a sentence or two from a book.  I alternate ink color so that I can find  where the next quote begins.  Another reason for this is that I like using different color ink pens. 😊

Another collection that I have started recently is Books Read.  I also record them on my blog.  They are on a page in the ‘About’ section. I like looking back and seeing what I have read.  Sometimes, I reread a book and that is ok.  I record it again.  In my bullet journal, I will use an A for audio book and B for a paper book.  This is for my own reference.  I don’t like for all my reading to be with audio books.  I do enjoy audio books because I can listen as I work.  I started posting this list on the blog as a form of accountability.  I also know that  I enjoy looking at the book lists of others to get ideas.

I hope you enjoyed this short tour through my bullet journal. I have many more collections. I will share more at another time!  Until the next time…

My God is a Rock

We are living in such troublesome times.  I’m coming to the point that I don’t want to turn on my computer because I don’t want to see what might be waiting for me.  I don’t think I am the only one. Recently, I had a particularly difficult day.  As I was mulling things over in my mind, the Lord brought this song to my mind.  I thought I would share it with you.  Perhaps you need to hear it too.

Stranded at World’s End

Stranded at World’s End


“How wonderful to find Him always there, when we have unexpected need of Him! That living touch with Him is so precious; it makes Him so real; it obliterates the line between the earthly and heavenly; it is so humbling to find Him waiting there.”

“There are many apparently needless trials in life, but the Lord stands with us through all of them.  ‘May you lose nothing in the furnace but your dross,’ said Samuel Rutherford.  The Lord will preserve everything else for us.”

“Stranded at world’s end?  Maybe. But if we lean back we will find ourselves on the bosom of Christ—sweet, familiar place.

Sometimes on the Rock I tremble,
Faint of heart and weak of knee;
But the steadfast Rock of Ages
Never trembles under me!”

~from pages 78-80 of In the Arena by Isobel Kuhn