31 days of KNOWING GOD 2014

31DaysKnowingGodDay 1:  31 days of KNOWING GOD

Day 2:  My God comforts me.

Day 3:  My God is faithful.

Day 4:  My God does not want me to be anxious.

Day 5:  I Know Whom I Have Believed

Day 6:  My God draws me to Himself.

Day 7:  My God wants me to be stable.

Day 8:  My God is my Father.

Day 9:  My God keeps me secure.

Day 10:  My God wants me to be content.

Day 11:  My God is for me (on my side).

Day 12:  God’s Delight

Day 13:  My God gives grace to me.

Day 14:  Strength

Day 15:  My God answers prayer.

Day 16:  My God does not want me to envy others.

Day 17:  My God wants me to follow Him.

Day 18:  My God forgives or cleanses me.

Day 19:  How Great Thou Art!

Day 20:  Testimonial of the Goodness of God

Day 21:  My God cares for me.

Day 22:  My God makes me complete.

Day 23:  My God avenges.

Day 24:  My God knows all.

Day 25:  My God is my Shepherd

Day 26:  Peace

Day 27:  My God gives me hope.

Day 28:  My God hates pride.

Day 29:  My God is Almighty.

Day 30:  My God is the Creator.

Day 31:  My God wants me to delight in Him and His Word.

One thought on “31 days of KNOWING GOD 2014

  1. Joy Ramler

    Thank you, Kim for this reminder. I did this study a few years ago and it has been and continues to be SUCH a help to me. I’ve shared it with countless others!

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