No time?

review while in the shower

curling your hair

putting on make up

folding laundry

cleaning house

during work breaks

riding in the car

waiting in the doctor’s office

mowing the lawn

pulling weeds

preparing dinner

you fill in the blank


On a humorous note:  Sometimes I feel like Barney in this clip when I am trying to recite my verse, especially when I am trying to do it in Japanese!  HA!


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3 thoughts on “No time?

  1. Love Barney Fife — don’t remember this one. Love the hair! And I think the Preamble should be read in Washington today, across the aisle.
    But back to the subject, these are great tips, Kim. Lots of time wasted that could easily be used for Scripture memory.
    My blog post today is on Scripture tunes, should you or your readers care to check it out. Now back to my Scripture memory review… ~Joyce

  2. Good pointers! Only don’t do what a former pastor of ours did – he taped a verse in his car so he could review it at red lights or traffic stops, but he taped it over the fuel gauge. 🙂

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