“But the great thing about Scripture memory is you can learn long passages in small steps—one word at a time, one verse after another. You don’t have to start with a long passage or even with a long verse. Just start with one word—the first word of the verse, then add the next, and the next.” ~pg. 8

“Some people question the value of rote memory, and I’ll admit that just memorizing words for the sake of words is of limited value. But Bible verses are not just words.” ~pg. 10

“Scripture memory enables us to maintain our mental equilibrium and spiritual vitality. We can see the Scripture in our minds, picturing its scenes, hearing its words as if spoken just to us, rolling them over in our minds like rocks in a tumbler. We’re transported to green pastures, still waters, Galilean storms, Judeans hills, Roman jails, golden streets, and to the very throne of God Himself.” ~pg.15

~from 100 Bible Verses Everyone Should Know by Heart by Robert J. MorganFall PA17-es

God’s creation never ceases to amaze me.  The sunset made this field glow with a golden red.  I am currently visiting family in the USA.  This view out the kitchen window changes everyday.  No matter the season, it takes my breath away.


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