For today…

Outside my window…it is dark and a breeze is blowing.

I am thinking…about the baby shower we are having this weekend.  It will be multi-cultural for sure!!

I am thankful for…good health.

I am remembering…family in the USA.

From the kitchen…tossed salad with all the trimmings!

I am wearing…workout clothes.

I am creating…a day planner.  More info will come in a later post.

I am going…shopping tomorrow for things for the baby shower.

I am hoping…to get some unfinished projects done tomorrow.

I am hearing…the xbox.  😦

On my mind…some quotes from two of my favorite movies:

“Try as we might, happy as we were, we can’t go back.”  ~Margaret Hale, North and South

“You have bewitched me body and soul, and I love, love, love you.” ~Darcy, Pride and Prejudice

Noticing that…my dining table looks like a craft table at the moment!

Around the house…my DD is unpacking from camp, DS is playing a game, and my wonderful hubby is cleaning up the kitchen while I write this post!

A video clip to share…

For more daybook entries, click here.

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Just a note:  This is a very busy month for us ministry-wise.  If you don’t hear from me often that is why.  I will try to post as I am able.  I have some things I want to share.  I am learning much in God’s school right now.  I’m also having fun serving the Lord (i.e. baby shower, upcoming church camp) and crafting.  Your prayers for us during this busy time are greatly appreciated.

5 thoughts on “For today…

  1. Somehow I missed both the books and the series of North and South. I need to get to them some time. That’s a good quote to remedy pining for the past.

    And Mr. Darcy’s quote there is definitely swoon-worthy. 🙂

  2. LOVE that Mr. Darcy quote. It’s amusing that the actor who portrayed him is on PBS reruns of MI-5 (where he was one of the leads for the first couple of years).

    I first saw him as Mr. Darcy so it’s hard to believe him as a government agent in modern day England. 🙂

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