Blogging issues…

…my time is at a premium right now, wordpress doesn’t seem to be doing what it usually does and so I don’t have the time to sit and figure out what is going on.  I’ve tried to post the last couple of days and can’t do hyperlinks, etc.  I read an announcement from wordpress that said they were attacked by something or other, so I’m wondering if others are having problems.  Anyway,  I’m still here and I’ll try again later.  Things in Japan are pretty much the same, except the weather has turned cold and it is snowing which slows down rescue operations.  Please continue to pray for the people of Japan and those who are trying to help.

4 thoughts on “Blogging issues…

  1. Continuing to pray for the people of Japan, for wisdom for those in charge, for safety, for warmer weather, and for hearts to soften toward our Sovereign God Who hears and answers our prayers unlike gods made by man.
    Thanks for the update.
    Also praying that God will use this tragedy to turn our minds to what is important and away from the many things that distract. Life has taken on a different hue in the past week.

  2. I was having trouble with WP a week or two ago but everything seems to be okay now. Or, at least it was when I posted this morning. Sometimes when weird things are going on I check the forums to see if it is happening with anyone else.

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