An update from those that are there…

This was a friend in the Tokyo area:

We didn’t have the planned blackout today in our area, but another is planned for tomorrow (3 hours).  We can only buy about $12 of gasoline–not even 1/4 tank–very long lines.  There were no eggs, milk or bread in stores.  Evacuated people are in need of heat blankets, water and food.  It’s going to be cold tonight.  Many have relatives who are still missing.

One of the bloggers I enjoy reading is also in the area and posts regular updates of the situation.  Please visit Living and Learning so that you will know how to pray for those who are living through this.

2 thoughts on “An update from those that are there…

  1. Wow. I’m speechless. Will post this on my blog and Facebook page. Thank you for posting. It’s a bit overwhelming, isn’t it? I’m so thankful to know the Master of the wind and waves, aren’t you? Definitely praying for the people of Japan.

  2. Dear Senkyoushi,
    You, your family, those who serve with you in your ministry, and the people of Japan, have been in my thoughts and prayers continually since the earthquake first happened. We too, are watching the events unfold on Fox News. My computor has been down for a few days or I would have posted earlier-have read all your updates this morning. May our great and Sovereign God continue to bring His peace, comfort, wisdom and steadfastness to you through this heartbreaking and devastating happening. I will be praying.
    With Love from the Cabin,

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