2020 Flower Park 2FB

I failed to keep my commitment to post in June (at In Her Shoes) and for that I am sorry.  There are times when it is difficult to find the words to say.  Now is one of those times.  There is so much going on in the world.  From corona virus to quarantines to travel bans to protests and violence, if you watch the news at all it will make your head spin.  

I know many missionaries are discouraged.  Some are stuck on their field of service and had to cancel furloughs and other travel  plans.  Some are stuck in their home country and cannot return to their field of service.  Being confined to your house for weeks and months on end adds its own kind of discouragement. 

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Dread Disease

I have read many books that have been a blessing to me in my journey as a missionary wife.  When we were on deputation for Japan, I read a few books by Isobel Kuhn.  I think that perhaps she is my favorite missionary author.  I gleaned so much from her.  During this time of coronavirus and lockdowns, it is natural to have a dread of what might happen should we get the virus.  Maybe some are even thinking what it will be like when we meet the Lord.  That reminded me of this short passage from In the Arena.

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The Peace That God Gives

Troublesome times are here.  Headlines every single hour of every single day can scare you death with talk of corona virus, death, political upheaval, tornadoes, storms, and economic collapse.  

There are a multitude of thoughts within me, but I can honestly say that I have peace during this time…not 100% of time.  Sometimes when I wake in the middle of the night the “pestilence that walks in darkness” can overwhelm my thoughts.  It is then that I must turn my thoughts to the One that has taught me so much about Himself.

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We Rest on Thee, Our Shield and Our Defender

I’ve mentioned before that our furlough is drawing to a close.  My husband has already returned to our field of service.  I stayed a little longer for one last visit with family and a little more time with our first grandchild.  The sweet little girl is named after Elisabeth Elliot.  Her mother was listening to Revive Our Hearts podcast recently and recommended it to me. 

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Sad Good Byes

My grandmother used to always say, “Without any sad goodbyes, there wouldn’t be any sweet hellos.”  I think of that every time I have to say good bye to someone.  Good byes are an inevitable part of being a missionary.  One is always having to say good bye to someone.  When leaving the home country to go the field, there are many good byes.  When leaving the field for a furlough, there are more good byes. 

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God’s Faithfulness

Several years ago, my husband and I were at a discouraging point in our ministry.  As we were talking through some of the things we were dealing with, my husband made this statement.  “I just want to be faithful to what God has called me to do.”  I remember thinking, “OK.  We will be faithful and keep plugging along.”  But as the days turned into weeks which turned into months with very little change, I asked the Lord, “How do we keep remaining faithful?”

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