2010, March/April

Chitchat: So much is happening it is hard to know where to begin.

Thanks for praying for the sale of our house.  The house is sold!  We had to take a loss, but we are grateful to be free from the distraction and expense that the house has been during this term.

B has turned 16 and R is now 18 and both are looking forward to our arrival in the states with eager anticipation.  They want their first stop to be the DMV where they can get their learner’s permit!  We will have two student drivers at one time.  Pray for us!  J is wrapping up his jr. year of college.  He will be graduating next year, Lord willing!  My how the years have flown.

We are busy finishing up homeschool, spring cleaning, furlough preparation and enjoying time with friends and family that we will not see for a year.  It is hard to walk away from the ministry here, but it is exciting to see some of the people step up to the plate and take the reigns during our absence.  One young couple is a particular blessing to me.  You may remember a couple of years ago when I shared how God answered prayer and a young man from Malaysia trusted Christ.  He is now married to a lovely young, Christian lady and they will be taking the leadership of the international service.  He will lead the singing and she is going to play the piano.  We have guest speakers twice a month and the other services will be spent viewing the series Changed Into His Image.  We are still praying about a tape series for the Japanese church.  In October, a retired couple will be arriving to take over until we return.  They are former missionaries from Hokkaido, Japan.  They are fluent in Japanese, so they will be a good fit for the ministry here.

Our scheduled departure is May 18th.   We were able to get the best case scenario for our flight.  If we do not have any delays, it will be a 16 hour trip and we should be arriving in the early evening hours of May 18th.  Yes, we get to live through that day twice!  We are looking forward to being reunited with J.  It seems strange talking to him about picking us up.  It is usually the other way around!  Pray for safety, an uneventful trip and the stamina we need for the long trip.  It will be about 36 hours between beds for us, so it can be grueling.

Something to think about: “An honored saint was once so ravished with a revelation of his Lord’s love, that feeling his mortal frame to be unable to sustain more of such bliss, he cried, ‘Hold, Lord, it is enough, it is enough!’  In heaven we shall be able to see the bottomless well of love to our lips, and drink on forever.  Ah, that will be love indeed which shall overflow our souls forever in our Father’s house above!  Who can tell the transports, the raptures, the amazements of delight which that love shall beget in us? And who can guess the sweetness of the song, or the swiftness of the obedience which will be the heavenly expressions of love made perfect?” ~ C. H. Spurgeon

“Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God:” ~I John 3:1

Prayer Requests:
1.    Please pray as we become reacquainted with the American way of life.
2.    Pray for a quick recovery from jetlag.
3.    We are still in need of housing for the months of August through some of October.
4.    We need a good reliable van for our travels.

4 thoughts on “2010, March/April

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  2. Carolyn0107

    Great you sold your house. Also that you have people stepping up to take over ministry for you. Enjoy your last few weeks.

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