2014, Important Update

Dear Praying Family and Friends,

Happy New Year!! We’ve been very busy this holiday season in Japan. All of our children were able to be with us in Japan for Christmas this year. It was wonderful to be together again as a family in Japan. We have no idea when this might happen again. We thoroughly enjoyed the time together.

Many of you may know that my husband has been dealing with herniated discs in his back for some time. The doctor said that he was healed from these, but his pain has become worse in the last year and he has had some difficulty walking. I became very concerned about this and asked him to consult with the doctor again.The good news is that it is not his back that is causing his problem. We were rather surprised to learn that he is in need of hip replacement surgery in both hips. The doctor referred us to a surgeon that we feel is of the Lord. We met with him twice before he agreed to do the surgery. We both believe that if he thought he wasn’t the best one to do it, he would tell us. He was very patient with us and answered ALL our questions. He has his own “hospital” now where all they do is hip/knee replacements. It is a new facility and very impressive. He has done some training in Sweden and at Harvard in the United States. His equipment is from the U.S. The surgeon has placed some conditions that have to happen before the surgery can take place and DH is working toward that end. Best case scenario, he will have the first surgery the end of March and the second one the end of June. We should be able to proceed with our furlough plans for the beginning of September, if all goes well.

We have several prayer requests in regard to this situation.

  1. Pray that the church people will rally around and help share some of the responsibilities of the ministry during this time.
  2. Pray that we will be able to find someone to cover the pulpit during DH’s absence.
  3. Pray for a quick recovery from both surgeries and for peace for both DH and me through this ordeal. DH has never spent a night in a hospital before, so you can imagine how difficult the hospital stays are going to be for him.
  4. As for me, pray for strength and stability. This is going to be a long road. I will be doing a lot of “extras” that I don’t normally have to do.

The Lord knows all; this is not a surprise to Him, even though it was to us. He has all the details worked out, and we are trusting Him to continue to lead us. Thank you for your prayers. We will update you as more information becomes available.

Sincerely, Kim

4 thoughts on “2014, Important Update

  1. Rebecca Loach

    Your son mentioned this to my husband in class and we have been praying and will continue to pray for you and you face these upcoming surgeries.

  2. Yes, R and I will be praying too. We have Bible reading and prayer together most evenings. We will bring you both before the Lord every day we can. That will be a hard time up ahead..but God is faithful and we will look forward to hearing the many ways he upholds you both. love, k. Ps.62:5,6

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