100 Things About Me

I posted this on my 100th post anniversary before I moved to wordpress.  Enjoy!

100 Things About Me:

1. Born in the historical area of Virginia, not far from Williamsburg. Perhaps that explains my love for historical places.
2. Accepted Christ as my Saviour 9 days before my 13th birthday.
3. Played the position of guard on my high school girls’ basketball team.
4. Love to exercise.
5. Drive on the left side of the road.
6. Have 3 children. My two sons are married and my daughter is a teacher.  All are stateside.
7. Have visited Prague, Germany, Austria, Canada and Mexico.
8. Went on the Sound of Music tour in Austria and heard the wedding church organ play!
9. Live in Japan.
10. Will eat almost anything except octopus, eel and liver.
11. Saw Willie Stargell and Roberto Clemente play baseball in person.
12. Love to sew and quilt.
13. Have visited Niagara Falls twice: once as a child and once with my children.
14. Went shopping in Mexico for an afternoon.
15. Took a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. It was amazing, but I don’t think I will do it again.  See #95.
16. Am attempting to learn a foreign language. I’m the “old lady” everybody helps. 🙂
17. Took my driver’s license test in the USA in a New Yorker…the last of the big ones. I could hardly see over the steering wheel.
18. Lost track of how many states I have been in. We were missionaries on deputation before we were missionaries in Japan.
19. Saw 3 alligators while on a boat ride in Florida.
20. Met my husband at my friend and his brother’s wedding. He caught the garter and I caught the bouquet. Now my friend is my sister-in-law.
21. December 2002, the Lord opened my eyes to His tremendous love for me in a way that changed my life.
22. My husband is a missionary kid from Japan. After our fourth year of marriage, we moved from an apartment that we had lived in for 2 years. He told me that was the longest he had ever lived anywhere! Scary!
23. Been married to my first and only husband for what will be 30 great years this June, 2017.
24. Know who Franco Harris is.
25. Want to be more like Mary of Bethany instead of her sister Martha.
26. Rode across the Louisiana Causeway and was enthralled with the bayou.
27. Saw rice grow for the first time in Japan.
28. Love to walk around rice fields.
29. Live in the city, but I am a country girl through and through.
30. Love to travel by subway. It sure beats the traffic and parking for $3 a half hour!
31. Love to go to the mountains or a body of water to relax.
32. Live where Christmas is not a national holiday.
33. Like to vacation where there is nothing to do and no t.v.s or telephones.
34. Die for chocolate.
35. Am always on a diet.
36. Was the proud owner of a little demonized Yorkie named Pixie.  Now I have sweet little Emma.
37. Am the shortest member in my family, kids included!
38. Like to go shopping just to look.
39. Love antiques. I would rather have something old than something new.
40. Have some family members that love golf, but I can’t understand why.
41. Love tea parties with scones.
42. Can buy real clotted cream where I live, no substitutes!
43. Can’t buy shoes where I live because my feet are too big. I have them shipped from the USA.
44. Love classical music.
45. Favorite romantic movie is Pride and Prejudice.  My favorite line belongs to Mr. Darcy…”You have bewitched me body and soul and I love, love, love you.”
46. Don’t have a favorite Christmas movie. There are too many that I enjoy.
47. Favorite hymn is Wonderful Peace.
48. My two favorite fiction books that I never tire of reading are Sophie’s Heart and The Princess, both by Lori Wick.
49. Favorite book that has helped me in my walk with the Lord is Loving God with all Your Mind by Elizabeth George.
50. Love shopping at ebay and half.com.
51. My favorite food is Mexican Pollo Fundido.
52. Love the color green.
53. Finally figured out that I will never understand the love that the men in my family have for electronics. Since I couldn’t beat it, I decided to join it.
54. Love my ipod.
55. I listen to news, devotional podcasts, sermons and sacred music while working around the house, going for a walk or on the subway.
56. Love to try new recipes.
57. Love to entertain.
58. Favorite way to entertain is with a ladies’ tea party.
59. I am the painter and person who hangs wallpaper in our home.
60. Never tire of learning new things.
61. Am a perfectionist. This is not always a good thing!
62. Have read my Bible through several times.
63. Love to study my Bible.
64. Memorizing parts of God’s Word has proven to be life-changing for me, particularly Romans 8.
65. Used to have a business making and altering formals and wedding gowns.
66. Loved visiting the Biltmore Estate.
67. Sure would hate to clean the Biltmore Estate!
68. Live in a 900 square foot house.
69. Like to sing, sometimes at the top of my lungs!
70. Like to blog.
71. Enjoy the “companionship” and “fellowship” of some Facebook groups that I belong to.
72. Will always try at least one bite of a new to me food.
73. Peanut butter and chocolate is my favorite combination in candy and ice cream or just about anything…even oatmeal!
74. Love to laugh.
75. Favorite season is spring or maybe fall…I’m not so sure now. 🙂
76. Don’t like to wear black.
77. Play the piano a little.
78. Love to teach.
79. Am a speech teacher by trade.
80. Love to decorate my home for the seasons.
81. Collect teacups, teapots, cream and sugars and anything else that goes with tea.
82. Used to be an avid coffee drinker. Now I enjoy tea as well.
83. Homeschooled my children.
84. Cook from scratch. There are no box mixes in Japan.
85. Enjoy watching baseball and football, especially the Steelers.
86. Like to shoot hoops in my backyard occasionally.
87. Love to be in a garden, especially with roses.
88. Sunday is my favorite day of the week.
89. I’m a night owl. I’m trying to change this.
90. Enjoy making dolls out of washi paper.
91. One year for Christmas, I made all of the gifts we gave. It was out of necessity. When I think back, that was my most memorable Christmas!
92. Was involved in a serious car accident 2 months after I was married. It was not my fault.
93. Like to go on picnics or long walks in the park.
94. Love to watch a grand fireworks display. Some of the best are in the country where I am living!
95. Am scared to death of heights.
96. Don’t like to drive through tunnels.
97. Loved riding on the back of my dad’s motorcycle on the Colonial Parkway.
98. Heard Vice President Dan Quayle speak in person. That is the highest government official I have ever seen in person with my own eyes.
99. Named my 3rd child only to find out later that I have a 5x great-grandfather with the same name and birth date!!!!
100. Am first and foremost a child of the KING!!

updated 2/3/2017

6 thoughts on “100 Things About Me

  1. Willard Paul

    It’s amazing that you could put all of this down in one coherent list. I think I may do the same thing on my blog one of these days. I was a home missionary for a number of years (also a New Yorker) and went from starting out in our nation’s largest city to working in a town of less than seventy-five people forty miles away from the nearest anything, almost. You can have culture shock even in the good old USA.

  2. Becky Enterline

    Loved the pictures on Sunday Morning Walk Meditation. 99 is pretty incredible. Are you sure? Ha ha. glad you are serving in Japan. We miss it there, but God’s plans are best!
    Love ya and pray for you sometimes.

  3. I found your page today looking for the words to “My God is More Than Enough”, one of my favorites, sung on the West Coast Baptist College cd Honour & Praise. Amazing song and message. I grew up as a missionary’s kid in Haiti. Now, married to my wonderful husband, John, for 34 years, we are serving God together in a small local Baptist church in North Florida. I also enjoy playing piano, but mostly singing. Thence, looking for the sheet music for this song. No luck yet and the link you provided does not show it any longer.
    I would love to get to know you! Until then, I will most certainly remember your family there in Japan.

  4. I found your site looking for a bloom where you are planted poem to go with a sign I made. Would it be Alright with you, if I post your poem on Instagram? I’ll give you credit, of course!! I love the poem, and I see from this post that we have a lot in common!! I also LOVE the book by Lori Wick- The Princess. I had forgotten about it. I read it a long time ago. I will have to look up the other one you mentioned. I’m glad I came across your blog. Have a great day.

    1. Hello and welcome! You are welcome to use the poem, but it is not written by me. I looked up the post and the by line is ‘—A Missionary’s Poem’. I’m guessing it was written by an anonymous missionary.

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