No More Night

This has been a busy month. I am currently back in the states for some time with family before a conference with our mission board. My first week back, I had the opportunity to once again visit the house of mourning. It was a difficult time for all. My youngest son was one of the ones who gave a short eulogy of the loved one who has gone to be with his Savior that he served so faithfully. One thing he said stuck with me. This man finished the work that the Lord had for him to do. Otherwise, he would still be with us. It didn’t seem so to many of us. It seemed as though there was still a lot of life for him to live. He was a faithful pastor, husband, father and grandfather. We fervently prayed for healing, but God had other plans. He chose to use this man’s life and death in a different way. Once again we have had the opportunity to learn that God’s ways are not always the way we might have hoped for. But God’s ways are best. I choose to believe that.

The final song at the funeral was the recording that I have linked below. I’m told it was one that the deceased and his wife listened to often. I don’t ever remember hearing it before. The words are powerful. I can’t get them out of my mind. What wonderful truth! One day, if you belong to Jesus, you will live in the light of the risen Lamb! I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to that glorious day!

5 thoughts on “No More Night

  1. Apt since we’re attending a memorial service this morning. My husband’s former pastor, father of his best friend, passed away last week. He was 91, so it wasn’t unexpected. But it’s still a loss. We were more perplexed when our pastor in TN died in his 50s a few years ago. He was actively serving the Lord and loved people. It was hard to understand why God would take someone like that. But it was a reminder that none of us is promised 90 years. These men were inspirational for faithfully loving and serving God all their days.

    I love that song. It was sung at our church in TN many times and then again at that pastor’s funeral.

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