Women of the Word

“The heart cannot love what the mind does not know.  Yes, it is sinful to acquire knowledge for knowledge’s sake, but acquiring knowledge about One we love,  for the sake of loving him more deeply, will always be for our transformation.”

“A well-rounded approach to Bible study recognizes that the Bible is always more concerned with the decision-maker than with the decision itself. Its aim is to change our hearts so that we desire what God desires, rather than to spoon-feed us answers to every decision in life.”

“If a life stage is making it difficult for you to set aside regular time for study–either with a group or in your own personal efforts, please hear me say this:  That’s okay.  Give the Lord what you can and trust that he will honor your faithfulness in the small things.  Trust that the Lord knows your circumstances better than you do and that he sees your desire to learn and grow.  And trust that those times are being used to mature you–to teach you that it is a  privilege to be able to devote yourself to learning and studying, and to write more deeply on your heat the truths you have  already learned.”

“Prayer is the means by which we implore the Holy Spirit to take up residence in our study time.  Without prayer, our study is nothing but an intellectual pursuit.  With prayer, it is a means of communing with the Lord.  Prayer is what changes  our study from the pursuit of knowledge to the pursuit of God himself.”

Wilkin, Jen. Women of the Word (pg. 33, 41, 83, 103) Crossway. Kindle Edition.

*The photo was taken at the river in Asuke.


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