Biblical Meditation

“Biblical meditation is the habit that allows us to pause long enough to be still and to know that God is God. It leads us to spiritual growth, emotional strength, deepening intimacy with the Lord, and soul-steadying peace.”

“Scripture should be constantly circulating through our minds so that we become God-conditioned. In the process, we start to look at things as He does, which is the essence of wisdom—seeing life from His point of view. Our attitudes become healthier, and our emotions fall into line.”

“As we habitually hide God’s Word in our hearts, claim those special verses that seem to have our names on them, ponder and picture them, and turn them into unceasing praise and prayer, we will practice the presence of God—and He will transform us into agents of audacious boldness for His glory.”

“We practice biblical meditation by noting, quoting, and devoting ourselves to whatever passage of Scripture we’re reading or studying, based on the premise that God’s Word is flawless, faultless, and unfailing. Meditation helps and heals the mind while shoring up the soul. It lessens anxiety, reduces stress, and generates peace.”

“Meditation is the process by which our thoughts come to mirror God’s thoughts, letting us see things in His terms, from His perspective, and with His wisdom.”

“The Bible is inexhaustible in its wisdom and in its application. Every time we open its cover, we find something fresh and new, even in familiar texts. God has given us a book small enough to hold in our hands, big enough to study for a lifetime, and rich enough to satisfy our hearts and minds forever.”

Morgan, Robert J. Reclaiming the Lost Art of Biblical Meditation (p. x, xi, 4, 10, 22, 67). Thomas Nelson. Kindle Edition.

*Photo taken at Asuke’s fall festival.

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