“Remembering that God is our Creator and we are his creatures has many practical implications. It means that we are finite and dependent. It means that we must live in ways that respect that God has made us with limitations.”

“Every Christian wants to know God more; few Christians fight for the silence required to know him.”

“How much more beneficial is a weekly sabbath if we put its Maker at the center of it. It’s a gift, not a threat. It’s a time for healing the body, the mind, the soul, and our relationships with God and others. It’s God’s way of providing us with a spiritual and eternal perspective on our lives. It’s God’s gift of margin in our lives, and therefore we need feel no guilt in embracing that one day in seven in its entirety. Just like our muscles need a rest after working out, so our lives become more productive if we take God’s provided rest.”

“Remember these liberating words of Jesus: ‘She has done what she could’ (Mark 14:8).”

Murray, David. Refresh (p. 38, 82, 95, 183). Crossway. Kindle Edition.

*The photo is of Matsumoto Castle.

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