Between the Scissors’ Knives

“The knives of the scissors are like two dangers or two painful situations which, to human sight, must cut us in pieces when they finally meet.  What is our refuge there?  It must be to shut our eyes tight to the physical situation as the mere outward eye sees it.  Our refuge must be to get absolutely quiet in the inner man so that God can speak, then direction will be given.  The experience may be compared to tight-rope walking.  The walker must be trained on easy, low ropes first.  When he is trained to throw off all the glamorous outside calls and attend to that one thing, his eye on that one goal, then only he is ready to put his training to the test in the place of danger.  We must learn first, today, now, in this smaller easier matter, to walk with our eyes on the Lord only.  Only then can we do it victoriously under the later high tension of danger or excitement.”

“Platforms do not make us stronger Christians or better Christians but they do make us richer Christians.  Rich in our inner fellowship with Him.  Rich in our confidence that He will be our Rock and our Deliverer in the future.  Rich in the relaxation of the little child who leans back on his father’s breast, confident, secure, and satisfied.”

In the Arena by Isobel Kuhn, pp. 162 and 163.

*photo is a of a lovely sunset in South Carolina

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