Collections and Spreads

It’s been a while since I shared anything about my bullet journal.  I still use it daily.  I would be lost without it. I’ve had trouble uploading photos to my blog recently, but I’ve been doing some housekeeping and working on some other things so hopefully I will be able to upload some photos of a decent quality.

I like to stick with a theme for each new month.  Spring and cherry blossom season is my favorite time of year.  These pages are for note-taking.  I will write anything from prayer requests to sermon notes on these pages.  I have a separate journal that I use for my quiet time.

For my weekly spread, I have a space for each day of the week so that I can record appointments.  Sometimes I separate them with some type of line and sometimes I don’t.  It depends on what mood I am in and how much time I have.  I create my new weekly spreads a month at a time near the end of the month we are currently on.  I usually have a two page weekly spread, but recently I decided to try one page and that seems to be working out ok.  That is the beauty of a bullet journal.  You can always adjust to what your needs are.

My favorite collection is Snippets.  On this page, I record quotes that speak to me.  It might be something  I hear someone say, a Bible verse, or a sentence or two from a book.  I alternate ink color so that I can find  where the next quote begins.  Another reason for this is that I like using different color ink pens. 😊

Another collection that I have started recently is Books Read.  I also record them on my blog.  They are on a page in the ‘About’ section. I like looking back and seeing what I have read.  Sometimes, I reread a book and that is ok.  I record it again.  In my bullet journal, I will use an A for audio book and B for a paper book.  This is for my own reference.  I don’t like for all my reading to be with audio books.  I do enjoy audio books because I can listen as I work.  I started posting this list on the blog as a form of accountability.  I also know that  I enjoy looking at the book lists of others to get ideas.

I hope you enjoyed this short tour through my bullet journal. I have many more collections. I will share more at another time!  Until the next time…

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