Staying at Home

It seems the whole world is under a “stay at home” order.  Ours started the second day after my return to Japan.  It’s been almost 2 months…Just like everyone, I have lots of projects that I want to get finished.  I’ve been doing some serious spring cleaning.  I didn’t really do it last year since we were leaving for furlough and my home was in need of some TLC.  Even though others may not notice, I do and it makes me feel so good to have it done.

Another project that I’ve been wanting to get done was painting our guest room.  The walls were a dark blue.  This was my youngest son’s room in a previous life.  He had a blue camo theme going on. I lived with it for almost 8 years after his departure to college.  It felt so dark.  I wanted to brighten it up a little.  This week, I finally got it done and!  I also painted the back door of the church and our house since I had the mess out.  I didn’t want to put it all away just to get it out again.

Here is a short video I made of this project.  I hope you enjoy.

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