Our Church, Pt. 2

On the last post, I had some questions asked in the comments. Rather than answer them in the comments, I thought I would take the time to answer them in a new post.

We do not own our building.  The church pays rent.  There is also a house on the property that we live in and pay rent to the church.  It is beneficial to both of us.  They could not maintain the property financially without our rent.  We could never rent anything similar to this house for the rent we pay the church.  If the day comes that we have to move, unless the Lord performs a miracle, we will most likely be living in an apartment.

We have been posting our services live recently.  Japan is on a little different schedule than other parts of the world with the virus.  We have had two Sundays so far with no attendees and will most likely have at least two more.  After that, we don’t know.  My husband uses his iPhone and Facebook to post the messages live.  He then downloads them and posts them on his YouTube channel.  We have high speed internet service, so that is not an issue for us.  One problem we do have is that some of our people do not have internet and are limited in data use on their phone, so they can’t tune in.

Our Japanese Sunday School and worship service is in the AM and the English ones are in the afternoon.  We are currently doing both services live.  We are not doing Sunday School.  Our English service attendees are people living in Japan from many countries around the world.  The common language is English.  Currently, we have attendees from the Philippines, Jamaica, the USA, India, and Vietnam.  When we aren’t social-distancing, every 4th Sunday is a combined bilingual service followed by a pot luck meal.

The church has a small apartment on the second floor that was built for a national pastor.  We currently use it as a guest apartment.  We often have visitors from supporting churches or other missionaries, so it is very nice for us to have this available.

We also have a nice size backyard.  Most people in Japan do not have yards since the houses are so close together.  I am especially grateful for this as I love to be outdoors playing in the dirt.  When I took our last child to college, my husband built a large deck across the back of the house.  It was a wonderful surprise!!!  I love sitting out there and we use it often for fellowships and pot luck Sundays.

Thank you for your interest in the facilities the Lord has provided for us.  We are grateful.  We would love to be able to buy this property, but at least we have a 30 year lease.  When we checked into the possibility of buying it several years ago, we found out the value was 1.5 million.  We won’t be buying it anytime soon!


Picture 1-This cross is on the top of our church building.
Picture 2-This is a picture of our deck shortly after it was built!
My hubby did a great job!!


One thought on “Our Church, Pt. 2

  1. Roger L. Knopsnider

    It is so nice to ‘see’ your life in Japan and your missionary work there. What a blessing you two are.

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