A New Spring

Spring in Japan is my favorite season
.  It is so lovely.

This year is a very different spring with the coronavirus threat. Some of my favorite haunts to view cherry blossoms are out of the question since we want to avoid crowds.

Last week, we went to visit my in-laws in the country.  They live near a river lined with cherry blossoms.  There were no crowds, so we enjoyed a couple of lovely walks.

I’m so thankful that I could enjoy this time.  Perhaps these photos will help you to understand why this is my favorite season in this corner of the world. I never tire of it and look for every excuse to go for a walk or a drive to see these beautiful blossoms.

2 thoughts on “A New Spring

  1. sally

    Absolutely beautiful! I especially LOVE the first photo. Yes, what a glorious season God has provided in your corner of the world ; ) Thank you for sharing.

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