A Cultural Moment

I was on my morning walk recently when I saw this.  Since we have been on furlough, it’s been awhile since I have seen this and it surprised me!  When the sun is shining and there is no threat of rain, you will see the Japanese airing out their beds.  They are often hanging from open windows or a veranda.

I also noticed that the cherry blossoms are almost here.  I can’t wait!  Unfortunately, I checked the weather forecast for the next several days and it is calling for lots of rain.  That won’t make for a very pretty cherry blossom season, but I’m sure it will help with the social distancing!!

I think I have the problem with the blurry photos figured out.  If you happen to notice that they are still blurry for you, would you mind dropping me a comment below. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “A Cultural Moment

  1. Becka

    French people air their beds like that too and we had an Italian neighbor who did the same. I think the sun is supposed to kill mites. Your photos look good to me. 🙂

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