Worth the Read

I’ve read some good articles on the web recently that express things in a way I can’t find the words for.  They are written for or about the missionary and pastor’s wife.  If you are a missionary/pastor’s wife, may you be encouraged.  If you have a missionary/pastor’s wife, may you gain understanding.

Don’t Judge a Missionary by Their Stage
“Missionaries are people, not super-natural beings. They experience just as much pain, financial struggle, exhaustion, stress, as the average person does, if not more.”

You Take Yourself With You (And Other Important Things About Living Overseas)
“You don’t become a different person on the airplane. The beauty is that the God who called you, who knew you as you were being knit in the womb, who knows your comings and your goings, he knows that and he has chosen to use you…”

7 Ways to Encourage Your Pastor’s Wife
“Are you aware that most pastors and their wives experience loneliness, isolation and discouragement during their ministry lives? The role that members play can be a huge encouragement.”

Ministry is Awkward (And What To Do About It)
“Oh, but imagine my horror as I realized that it was sometimes just the opposite. God was teaching me so much about grace. God was calling me to do these awkward things where hearts meet and meaningful ministry happens. The awkward moments are where the grace is so needed. And they are where the grace abounds. If I stopped serving at the onset of awkward feelings, I would miss the grace! Talk about horror…
Just like I remember the first time I felt the awkward, I also remember the first time I pushed through the awkward and prayed anyway, attempted conversation anyway. Imagine my surprise to find joy on the other side! Fellowship in Christ. Friendship. Seeing God work and answer prayer. Perfection? Nope! (Still awkward me here) But sweet unexpected grace, and enabling to do God’s will…
If you are a seasoned pastor’s wife, you know this awkwardness is true, regardless of personality even. Maybe you are weary of the awkward, even surprised that after this many years it could still be this awkward in certain situations. But dear soul, take heart. There is still so much grace waiting for you in these moments. And there is so much for you to teach others along the way.”*

“And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work.”
~2 Corinthians 9:8

*This was especially encouraging to me as I serve in a place where I struggle with the language and find communication very difficult.





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