Spring Tea

I love anything tea!  One of my greatest pleasures is attending or giving a tea party.  This Saturday, we are having a ladies’ tea at our church and I can’t wait!  Some mothers are bringing  their young daughters for the first time.  Some ladies have never experienced an English style tea party.  I learned from one the most gracious of English ladies.  She is now with the Lord and I feel as if I am honoring her memory when I serve in this way.

Here are a few of my tea books.
They are old friends and time spent with them is bliss.

Tea Books

2 thoughts on “Spring Tea

  1. Doris

    My husband & his parents are from England so tea is a very important part of our daily lives. I collect teapots & some teacups. Dear husband refinished a cabinet to display these treasures in….praying the English Tea party will be enjoyed by all and an opening for the Lord to work.

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