Tidying Up

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 1.38.24 PMThe Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo piqued my interest recently.  I am working on purging things and it was written by a Japanese in Japanese and translated into English.  I thought I should take the time to read it.  I purchased the book from Audible when it was on sale, so it seemed like the time was right.

I didn’t really care for this book.  The narrator was not my favorite.  The underlying philosophy of the book was bothersome to me, but I learned a lot about how Japanese people think.  This was helpful since I live among them.

I was taken off guard by the New Age buddhist and shinto philosophies that are in the book.  I was not expecting that in a book on tidying.  For example,  the author often mentions touching an inanimate object, even stroking it, as you thank it for the service that it gave you before throwing it away.  If it was a large purchase, such as an appliance or a piece of exercise equipment, that was never used, one could thank it for the pleasure it brought when purchasing it before throwing it out.  In the chapter on storage, there were some interesting points that she brought out.  At one point, however, she said if you don’t know where or how to store something, ask your house and it will tell you.  These kinds of statements were throughout the book.

While I have a difficult time recommending this book, I am glad that I took the time for it.  As I said before, it really opened my eyes to how Japanese people think.  I pray that this insight will help me as I minister among them.

2 thoughts on “Tidying Up

  1. Doris

    Interesting how God uses different things to help you understand the people He has placed you among. Praying this insight will indeed be helpful.

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