A new find…

Occasionally I stumble on something that at first doesn’t interest me.  After some time passes and I find I have the “need to know,” the interest is there and draws me in.  Such is the case with The Daily Connoisseur.  A friend was talking to me about Jennifer and her books and recommended her website.

I have read several of her blog posts.  I signed up for her 10 Item Wardrobe course.  I have watched many of her youtube videos and I am hooked!!! I am not quite down to a 10 item wardrobe, but I am paring down and I long to live a simpler life that is not bogged down with so much stuff.

In her book, Lessons from Madame Chic, she writes about life lessons she learned while living with a French family in Paris.  I’ve just begun to read the book, but I can already tell it is going to be a favorite and that I am looking forward to learning from her experiences.

At least one of her books has been translated into Japanese and has been a best seller here.  That piqued my interest as well.  I am anxious to see for myself why the Japanese find her so interesting.

Below is an introduction to her 10 Item Wardrobe course.  Click over to her site and see if there is something there that may be a help to you.  There is no benefit to me.  I’m just sharing with you what was shared with me.  I’m so glad that it was!!


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