Christmas Past

I’ve been traveling down memory lane.  I’m feeling a little lonely for family this time of year.  Hope you don’t mind me sharing some photos with you from Christmas past…

2009, My DD is a masterful Christmas baker!!

2010, A special handmade gift from a special friend!


2011, This is my favorite picture of our dear, departed Pixie.  Her birthday was in December so we liked to dress her up for Christmas and take her picture in front of the tree.  


2012,  Our DS#1 was married this year.  This was his first Christmas as a husband.  This was also the year that our DS#2 went to college and our first Christmas without any of our children present.


2013, All of our children and DS#1’s new bride joined us in Japan for Christmas.  It was a wonderful time!!!  It was also our daughter-in-law’s first time to visit Japan.  It was fun to experience Japan through new eyes with her!

Christmas 2014_2

2014, We were stateside.  This is a favorite memory with “my girls.”

2015, The Christmas season this year started out with a house fire.  We spent a lot time doing the clean up, so we kept things simple for the holidays.  We were so thankful for the Lord’s protection that not having things the way they normally were didn’t matter to us at all.

2016, Last year, I gave you a tour of my tree and shared some of my memories.  It was another holiday without our children, but God has given us “family” to share the joyous season with.  Christmas was on a Sunday.  We had a wonderful time with our church family and some first-time visitors.

 God is so good to us.  We don’t deserve His kindness.

Now it’s time for me to get back to the present…thanks for sharing in my memories.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Past

  1. Doris Davies

    And thank you for allowing us to share your trip down memory lane. Indeed God is so good to us & we so undeserving. “Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift.” 2 Corinthians 9:15
    Blessed Christmas to you and a new year finding your walk with Christ growing ever deeper.

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