A Cultural Moment

I can’t believe that it has been almost a month since I posted last. There have been a couple of situations here in Japan that have taken up a lot of my time.  I do not have the liberty to post about it, but I would appreciate your prayers for wisdom and strength.

One another note…here is a cultural moment.  It has been awhile. Hope you enjoy!

street gardenThis is a picture up the street from my house.  You can see that the garden in front of the house takes up half the street.  You cannot see the house even from the front because of all the plants.  If I would park my car in this spot, I would receive a ticket.  I guess a garden is ok.  Only in Japan…

tablecloth dressDuring my morning walk, I noticed this “suit” in a store-front window.  I couldn’t resist taking a picture.  It reminded me of a table cloth that I have.tablecloth

There is always something to capture my attention here.  Now my wheels are turning about what I could make from this tablecloth, but I think I will pass on this one.

until the next time… 

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