Another Perspective…

IMG_0890bI am a US citizen who lives in Japan. After our last furlough, I had a one-way ticket to return to Japan from Chicago-Ohare. I was not permitted to check in online. When I arrived at the airport, I was not permitted to check in at the kiosk. When I approached the counter, I was greeted with several questions. I showed my new visa in my passport and was allowed to proceed to my flight. It was clear that if I didn’t have that visa with a one-way ticket that I would have been “banned” from the flight. When I arrived in Japan, I was fingerprinted and photographed for their database. I may have lots of privileges living in Japan, but I do not have any rights. I am a foreigner. I carry an “alien registration” in my wallet and can be asked to show it at any time by anyone.  I have had to show it to get a cell phone, open a bank account, etc.  I don’t mind doing this, because I know that Japan doesn’t have to allow me to live in their country.  I am grateful that they do!


“For our [citizenship] is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ:” ~Philippians 3:20


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