A Clean Slate

I love new beginnings…a new week…a new month…a new season…a new year.  In the past I would be on the search for the perfect daily planner or one that appeals to my eyes.  Now that I have fallen in love with bullet journaling, there is no need to go on that search.  All I had to do was turn over a new page, put a tab on it for 2017 and set up my next month.  january-2017

I do love having a new wall calendar.  I don’t often write on it, but we like to have a calendar where we can see it in a hurry to check the date and make the occasional note on.  I was thrilled when I found a Thomas Kinkaide Streams of Living Water Calendar at Amazon Japan.  It is now hanging on my refrigerator.  2017-calendar

I’ve also been spending some time reorganizing some things to make my life a little easier and more efficient in this new year.  What are some things you have done to prepare for this new year?  Please share in the comments.


2 thoughts on “A Clean Slate

  1. Shellee

    Happy New Year from Hokkaido! I, too, enjoy a new start and beginning! One of my favorite New Year traditions is filling in the new Calendar with Birthdays and then hanging it up. My husband surprised me with the same calendar for Christmas! He also found it on amazon Japan. I enjoy reading your posts about your area of ministry. May the Lord bless you.

  2. I love getting out new calendars – one in the kitchen and one by the computer desk – and filling them in with everyone’s birthdays and anniversaries for the year. I haven’t had much chance to think about the New Year yet, other than my reading plans. My husband was off til last Tuesday and then was home sick for a while. I’ve been thinking some time this week I’d be able to sit down and think about the new year and set some goals – but so far that hasn’t happened, LOL! I do have one goal to clean out and reorganize the front closets to make room for some of my grandson’s toys. We have them in a corner of the living room, but the pile is growing. 🙂 And I have photos from before the digital age that I want to do something with this year.

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