A Time for Memories

During our recent Christmas open house, I enjoyed explaining some of my decorations.  A lady commented, “When a Japanese decorates for Christmas, it is because we like the pretty decorations.  For you, it is your memories.”  As I mulled over this, I realized that almost all of my decorations have a special meaning or memory tied to them.  Welcome to a tour of some of my memories on my Christmas tree!

This one represents a special trip to Kobe with a friend for the beautiful illumination there.ornament-1

love this ornament sent by a fellow blogger whom I have yet to meet from my early days of blogging.  She wrote a blog post on making these ornaments from old Christmas cards.  I commented on the post.  She is a pastor’s wife who has a heart for missions.  She sent me one all the way to Japan!  She no longer blogs and I miss her.


My daughter bought this for me from a Christmas lights event in my hometown that I have attended for years.  I remember when I took my husband for the first time and each one of our children.  She bought this the last time we went.  Life has a way of changing.  We don’t know if or when we will be able to attend again.  ornament-4

This one was made by my grandmother.  It is made from a real egg.  Perhaps I inherited my love of crafting from her.ornament-5

This one represents my first Christmas married to my wonderful husband.

I bought this Swarovski crystal in the town Mozart was born in.  It was the trip of a lifetime with my father.ornament-6

This one represents my firstborn.  I have a different one for each child.ornament-7

Blackwater Falls is the location of many a family vacation over the years.ornament-8

The original Lenox factory was in my hometown.  Now it is an outlet.  I love anything tea, so had to have a set of Lenox tea accoutrement ornaments.ornament-10

I have attended the The Nutcracker ballet many times.  I never tire of it.  ornament-11

What every female football fan needs!  This one is self-explanatory!! ornament-12

Thank you for allowing me to share some of my memories.  Until the next time…

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