Bit by the Bug

img_7742I’ve been bit by the bullet journal bug.  Farther back than I care to remember, I promised a third post to a small series. Part of working on my one word for the year was getting organized…trying to get my act together.  In Daily Planning Got You Stumped?  I talked about a book that influenced me in the area of time management. In Planning, pt. 2 I discussed some apps that I love.  I still stand by those.  My next post in this series was to discuss how I sort of created my own thing that incorporated some elements of bullet journaling.  I read a post by another blogger that sort of summed it up.  I thought I saved the post, but I’m not able to locate it.  The author bought a preprinted calendar planner and used it as a modified bullet journal.  That’s what I was doing.  I actually did that for several months.  But in August, something happened… thanksgiving

I wanted more flexibility.  I wanted more space for some things that the preprinted calendar didn’t allow.  I wanted space to be a little creative. I was bit by the bug.  I still use my google calendar and the apps that I mentioned before.  But I am thoroughly enjoying the flexibility and craftiness of my bullet journal.  I am addicted to washi  tape.  An advantage to life in Japan is that it is in abundance here and cheap!  christmas

I’m not really artistic. I can’t draw at all, but clip art is a  wonderful thing!  My holiday pages are ready to be filled up with notes, menus and shopping

Oh…and by the way, since this method makes me happy and it’s a little fun and my first one happens to be my favorite color, I find that I am actually using it and getting more done.  Checking things off my to-do list makes me so happy!! The more I do it, the more I want to do!!  Yes, I have been bit by the bug and I’m loving it!

One thought on “Bit by the Bug

  1. Carolyn0107

    I’ve never heard of bullet journaling before. The video was interesting.
    Thanks for stopping by SP to mention my wedding. I’m marrying a former IW who also worked in Africa. 11 days until he gets here, 21 days until our wedding!!! 🙂

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