Planning, Part 2

As I said in my previous post, I have come up with a way to combine digital and paper for the perfect-for-me-now system to stay organized.

My husband has asked those of us in leadership at the ministry here to use Google Calendar so that we can see each other’s schedule. I didn’t really like this at first, but now I have learned to use it with ease. I like the fact that my calendar is on my phone and it sends me reminders of what is ahead. I need those reminders. Trust me!

Instead of carrying around the big, fat notebook from the past with sections for projects and notes for meetings, etc., I use Evernote. I have posted about this app before. I have “notebooks” for Bible studies I am teaching, projects I am working on and recipes that I want to try. The sky is the limit. I have the app on my computer as well, so it is easy to copy documents and pictures into a note. It then syncs to my phone or ipad automatically.

Another tab that used to be in my big, fat notebook was lists. I had lists for everything!!!! I like lists. Someone introduced me to the app Wunderlist . This is wonderful. I use it for lists of things I don’t want to forget like things to buy when I am in the USA or things I need to look for whenever I run errands. I also keep a grocery shopping list for short runs to the store. For my bigger grocery runs or trips to Costco, I have a shopping list on my computer that I can print, check off what I need and go. This helps me to think and not forget something when I make the longer trek to Costco.

In days gone by, I kept a flipper for chores. I learned how to do this when reading The Messie Manual. It was a life-saver when I was raising kids and trying to keep my house from becoming a warzone. The Home Routines app replaces this now. I like that I can add my own chores to the lists. You can check them off and they reset each day. There is also a built-in timer. Now that there are only two of us in the house, I don’t need this app as much as I used to. It’s sort of second nature to do some of the chores on the list and others don’t have to be done as often. I do refer to it from time to time to see how I am doing and if there is anything I need to work on. This app is currently $4.99 in the iTunes App store.   It is worth the money.

Another tab in the big, fat notebook was for addresses. This is now on my devices in my contact list. It is always at my fingertips and it is easy to edit when necessary.

Today we talked about my digital tools. In part 3, we will talk about my paper tool. I am enjoying using this and it is keeping me on target!

Until the next time…

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