Holiday Update

We are so grateful for the Lord’s protection early in the morning on November 27th. We had a busy day ahead, so my husband got up a little earlier than usual. When he came out of the bathroom, he smelled smoke. When he went downstairs, he started yelling for me to get the dog and get out of the house. He was able to put the fire out before the fire department arrived. It could have been so much worse. Be careful how and where you store your batteries. Lesson learned.bookshelf

The actual fire damage was small, but we had smoke throughout the whole house.  A friend came over the day of the fire and helped me clean and make the upstairs livable. I couldn’t have done it without her! We lived in the upstairs while we did repairs and cleaned and painted ever square inch of the downstairs.   Most of the soot and grime settled in the kitchen, so it was a big clean up job.  As you can imagine this is our busiest time of year in the ministry, so we pushed hard to get all the work done.  Christmas decorating was at a minimum, but it’s outside

The fireman came the day after the fire to give us their report. From what they can tell two batteries came in contact enough to spark and start the fire. I had one or two 9 volt and some button batteries for remotes in a basket along with office type supplies (envelopes, tape, hole punch, stapler, camera charger and the batteries).  I am in and out of that basket every day. Some of the batteries were in their original packaging; a few were not. I have gone through the house and tried to find other batteries. They are all out of the house now. The fireman also told Tim that he was amazed that he had the presence of mind to put the fire out. He said the flames had to be up at the ceiling. Tim acknowledged that they were and he just did it without thinking. I am so thankful that he did or the damage would have been much worse. When the fire dept. arrived, things were still smoldering and they ripped a hole in the wall to make sure the fire was completely out.  Wall

I don’t know why the fire started at that time. It was at a least 10 hours since I touched that basket, so why not sooner? Tim got up a little early that day because we had a full day ahead of us. The Lord obviously protected us. If Tim had waited 10 minutes later, the situation would have been much more severe. new wall

I had my hard drives next to the basket. They were in bad shape and melted together. Tim was able to clean them up and separate them. He plugged them in and I have access to all the files on them! That is such a personal blessing to me!!!

Thank you again for your prayers.  Your missionaries need them.   

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