Christian Gratitude

ChoosingGratitude“To send up a ‘thank you’ in heaven’s general direction at the sudden appearance of a good parking spot, the dismissal of a speeding ticket, or a phone call from the doctor’s office that tells you all your tests came back negative is not distinctively Christian gratitude. This kind of me-first thankfulness is the sort that only kicks in when things are going well and when positive blessings are flowing in our direction. It’s little more than an automatic reflex, like saying ‘Excuse me’ after accidentally bumping into someone, or ‘You too’ after being encouraged by a salesclerk to have a nice day. Christian gratitude, on the other hand, involves:

recognizing the many benefits we’ve received from God and others (including those blessings that may come disguised as problems and difficulties),

acknowledging God as the ultimate Giver of every good gift, and

expressing appreciation to Him (and others) for those gifts.”

DeMoss, Nancy Leigh (2009-08-04). Choosing Gratitude: Your Journey to Joy (p. 36). Moody Publishers. Kindle Edition.

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