God Knows

God knows—not I—the devious way

            Wherein my faltering feet may tread,

Before into the light of day,

            My steps from out this gloom are led,

And, since my Lord the path doth see

What matter if ‘tis hid from me?


God knows—not I—how sweet accord

            Shall grow at length from out this clash

Of earthly discords which have jarred

            On soul and sense; I hear the crash,

Yet feel and know that on his ear

Break harmony—full, deep, and clear.


He knoweth, too, despite my will

            I’m weak when I should be most strong.

And after earnest wrestling still

            I see the right yet do the wrong.

Is it that I may learn at length

Not mine, but his, the saving strength?


His perfect plan I may not grasp,

            Yet I can trust Love Infinite,

And with my feeble fingers clasp

            The hand which leads me into light.

My soul upon his errands goes,

The end I know not—but God knows.


                        ~Author Unknown

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