My Home

Deck 2I wanted to participate in a link-up today of missionary homes.  I’m in the states on furlough right now, so I can’t take pictures.  Here are some links that show my humble, 900 square foot abode.  We are renting, but landlords in our area don’t do repairs,etc.  You are responsible for your own.  We have done all the work ourselves.  Next project we hope to do is paint the outside of the buildings.  We live on the same property as the church.  Hope you enjoy the tour!

The Kitchen/Dining Area

The Living Room

The Toilet

Our View

My Husband’s Labor of Love

3 thoughts on “My Home

  1. I enjoyed this! Evidently I had seen some before, because I had left comments, but I didn’t remember them. I do remember the bathroom one and the one about the porch. The porch and kitchen are my favorites!

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