Worth the Read

Fall 2009, Asuke, Japan
Fall 2009, Asuke, Japan

I Quit Liking Things on Facebook for Two Weeks… This was so helpful.  If you’ve been frustrated with your newsfeed on FB as I have, this gives new perspective.

To the Girls in the Pew Ahead of Me-“After the sermon, as you walked out the door, I wish I had touched your arm and spoken.  I wish I had thanked you.”

Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker and the Explosion-“It doesn’t matter what shape, size, color, or flavor the trial comes in, we should count it all joy because we KNOW God is working in us.”

Cancer’s Last Battle with Pastor Tom Craig-I knew who this man was from school days.  I have followed online with his battle with cancer.  The author of this blog post wrote many about this pastor’s battle with cancer and his testimony throughout.  It has caused me to do some soul-searching about my response to the trials I find myself in.  It is my belief that nothing demonstrates God’s glory like the Christian’s response to the trials of life.

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