I’ve been busy in the sewing room.  My hubby has lost quite a bit of weight, so I have been altering his clothes.  While working on those things, my wheels started turning.  I decided to merge my love of sewing…

with my love of old things…photo 1[5]

and my love of kimonos…photo 2[3]

and my love of creating something unique…photo 3[2]


Coming soon!

3 thoughts on “News

  1. How exciting! I can hardly wait to see what you make. =) and did I mention before how much I am enjoying watching ‘Little Men’ via ‘Netflix’? In a way it resembles ‘Avonlea’…an ongoing story…this about Mrs. Jo Bauer and the boys & girls at Plumfield. It is wholesome and so good. There are 26 episodes and some are delightful. We had your prayer letter read in church last night…and prayed for you and Tim. What a blessing he is doing so well. God is such a loving Father to us! Hope your week is wonderful…..

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