Feeling Crafty

So I’ve been doing a lot more crafting and sewing lately.  I have a big project that I am working on right now that I can’t wait to share with you all.  Maybe in a week or two…but for today, I stepped away from the big project to work on a smaller project.  I needed a new notebook for my What Do I Know About My God? notebook.  It has grown to the point that I can’t add any pages or turn the ones I have.  Paper sizes and notebook sizes are different here.  Since I started this notebook in the USA, all my paper is from there.  I didn’t want to start the notebook again on Japanese paper to fit a Japanese notebook.  I was at a loss as to what to do and then I remembered this post from Homespun Living.  I didn’t have any old books that I was willing to take the cover from, so decided to make my own.  notebook 1I covered cardboard with a beautiful Japanese washi paper and then covered that with clear contact paper to protect it.  I added 3 rings from the 100 yen shop (a.k.a. dollar store) and I have a new notebook that I love!  notebook 2If I need to expand it again, I can just buy bigger rings.  What fun!

My photos aren’t that great.  Maybe learning to take better blog pictures should be my next project.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Feeling Crafty

  1. That is impressive! and so pretty. The washi paper is really special…I wondered where you found such nice fabric! We woke up to 19 degrees and more snow, but I plan to cut out a skirt to sew. I’ve been eyeing fabric at Joanns and really need a few neutral colored skirts to go with spring sweaters. When spring finally gets here….=)

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