Rolling the Clouds Away

I know hymn posts are my usual Sunday fare, but the Lord brought this hymn to my mind today as I was thinking on some encouragement that He sent our way as only He can.  I just had to share!!

nojiri2013-83-eA friend I have called Jesus, Whose love is strong and true,

And never fails howe’er ’tis tried, no matter what I do;

I sinned against this love of His, but when I knelt to pray,

Confessing all my guilt to Him, the sin-clouds rolled away.

photo[1d]Sometimes when clouds of trouble bedim the sky above,

I cannot see my Savior’s face, and doubt His wondrous love;

But He, from heaven’s mercy-seat, beholding my despair,

In pity bursts the clouds between, and shows me He is there.

photo[1a]When sorrow’s clouds o’ertake me, and break upon my head,

When life seems worse than useless, and I were better dead;

I take my grief to Jesus then, nor do I go in vain,

For heav’nly hope He gives that cheers like sunshine after rain.

IMG_0183Oh, I could sing forever of Jesus’ love divine,

Of all His care and tenderness for this poor life of mine;

His love is in and over all, and wind and waves obey,

When Jesus whispers, “Peace, be still!” and rolls the clouds away.


It’s just like Jesus to roll the clouds away,

It’s just like Jesus to keep me day by day,

It’s just like Jesus all along the way,

It’s just like His great love.

~Edna R. Worrell

One thought on “Rolling the Clouds Away

  1. Oh, Kim, this is beautiful! Thank you so much for putting it together. It has really blessed my heart. Truly ‘His love is in and over all’, every single circumstance of our lives. Thanks for this great reminder.

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