Worth the Read

Decorating with Recipes: Framed Recipe Ideas~I absolutely love this idea.  I have several recipe cards written by those who are no longer with us, that I would love to do this with.

25 Reasons to Stop Eating Sugar~I’m so thankful that I learned to cook from scratch when we moved to Japan.  =)

Sunday Afternoon Tea – Embracing the cold and snow~”Gladys struggled with letting go and accepting winter, too.  But she came to a very good decision.  To stop fighting this season of blowing snow and temperatures which take one’s breath away.  Stay inside.  Rest.  Read.  Enjoy. Accept.”

What I learned about parenting from Jacques and Julia~”And what I learned from watching these two cook-chefs is this… what we are taught and experience in childhood becomes second nature throughout our life.”

In Praise of the Small Town Pastor~”You’re the one who arrived early, not to study, but to turn on lights and heat, to set up chairs, to scrape ice from slippery walkways and a million-and-one little tasks that needed to be done before the congregation ever arrived.”

One thought on “Worth the Read

  1. Ooh, I want to read everything you have here! But we are about to leave for the library. I will be back though to read the links later….for sure. Our church family is praying for your husband and you. We are having a good Missionary Conference with Bro. Abernathy and Peter Chamberlain.

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