Housekeeping at the Blog

If you notice in the sidebar there is a link for my blog’s Facebook page.  If you “like” this page, it is an easy way to keep up with what is happening at the blog.  We’ve been notified by Facebook that they have changed the way they deliver content. What this means to you is even if you’ve “liked” this page, you will not see all of my posts. To ensure you see each post every day, here’s what you do:

1. Click the “like” button on this page as indicated in the picture below. A drop down box will appear.
2. Then, click “get notifications” in the drop down menu.
3. Check the red notifications you receive each day (where you are notified when others comment on your timeline, “like” your pictures, etc.) to see my daily posts.

Notifications are the little globe looking icon at the top left in the dark blue header bar. There will be a red number that appears when you have notifications.

{Please note – these settings must be changed on your computer… not from a mobile device :)}

HT to Lysa TerKuerst

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