Made to Crave

OBSBlogHopSeems that everyone’s number one resolution each January 1st is to lose weight.  Even though I don’t like to make resolutions, this is one that I always seem to join the ranks with.  I was thrilled to find this online Bible study.  I’ve read the book before, but that was about it.  I decided to sign up for this and thought I would pass on a link, just in case you are interested.  If you decide to join, please let me know.  We can pray for one another as we travel this journey to learn to crave after our God instead of food.


4 thoughts on “Made to Crave

  1. Carolyn Thorson

    Kim, Konichiwa! I bought the MTC book in 2010 but have not yet read it. I saw that Jodi from Indonesia was going to do the online course so I signed up for it too. I’m in fb small group 45 and getting to know the other about 20 ladies in that group before the study starts this weekend. It’s great seeing that you’re doing the study as well. The CMW team is still going on SP. I’ll be leaving Africa in November for eventual retirement. Have a good day!! Carolyn0107

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