Housekeeping at the blog…

Word on the Web is that Facebook is going to change up the news feed algorithm and that most blogs will have to pay for “reach”, for people who see their stuff. Usually by liking content, it makes it appear in your newsfeed, but this won’t be the case because they are trying to make sure that content is high quality stuff–not a BAD thing at all!  I’m not sure I’ll be continuing my blog’s Facebook page, so if you want to see my posts and interact through comments, please subscribe to my daily posts via email.  You can do this in the sidebar.  It only takes a few seconds.  I’m wondering if this has already begun, because very few people seem to be seeing my posts.  Thanks so much!!!  ~HT to Joy-Filled Days

This is in no way a protest against Facebook.  They have the right to change things up for their benefit.  After all, it is free!  Information articles:

Facebook News Feed Algorithm Changes…Again

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