Uncongenial Work


“The important thing is—how are you acting?  Are you bitter and resentful that you must live and work under such circumstances?  Or are you asking to be conformed to His image, seeking fellowship with Him in this human suffering, watching for His resurrection power to be manifested, confident that you will know Him better when the discipline is past, and to be satisfied with that?  The circumstance will pass in time, but the revelation you will receive of Himself, His love, and His power will enrich you forever.” ~In the Arena by Isobel Kuhn, pg. 31

*photo taken last week by my hubby at beautiful Asuke

3 thoughts on “Uncongenial Work

  1. The photo is amazing…the colors of the trees are so brilliant! What a beautiful place to be. I need to go back and re read Isobel Kuhn’s biography that I have. What an amazing woman! And such a great reminder by the quote you’ve shared that we have circumstances in front of us that are meant to make us more like Christ.

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